March Regional Meeting: Live Right for Your Remedy Type 23 March 2023 - 19h00

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In this webinar Gabrielle unlocks a powerful tool she has developed over years in clinical practice and while writing her new book, Live Right for your Remedy Type, to help homeopaths determine the optimal diet and lifestyle for themselves and their patients. This insightful and practical approach to remedy types can act as the ultimate homeopathic lifestyle guide and also help in relationships and parenting.

About the Book

Live Right For Your Remedy Type: Optimize your health with diet and lifestyle tips for your type. The first ever Homeopathy Lifestyle Guide. Each of us is completely unique. The foods we eat, the supplements we take, even the exercise we do should ideally be individualized and changed as needed in order

to maintain perfect health. When you go to see a classical homeopath, they will prescribe a homeopathic remedy for you based on your constitutional type. Taking the correct homeopathic remedy will help restore your body and mind back to health. However, identifying your homeopathic type actually goes far beyond simply prescribing a remedy. It provides profound information about how you are physiologically, genetically and psychologically programmed.

Live Right for Your Remedy Type