February Regional Meeting: Paediatric physiotherapy 28 February 2023 - 19h00

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Chair Person: Dr Leite
Event Type: Regional Meetings
Available Space: 200
CPD Points: 2
Cost to non Member: R500

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Paediatric physiotherapists are trained to understand and treat a wide range of childhood conditions, ranging from musculoskeletal to cardiorespiratory and neurological problems. Children learn through play, thus, activities are designed to make therapy fun. Treatment is evidence-based and committed to optimising a child’s movement, which is achieved by gaining the best muscle and joint function available in the growing body. Physiotherapists work to achieve correct skeletal modelling, muscle activation, muscle balance, joint position and overall alignment or posture.

In this talk, learn more about paediatric physiotherapy and its importance as well as when it may be indicated for patients.

Paediatric physiotherapy: why & when? Referral notes for homeopaths