March Regional Meeting: Oestrogen - A Brief Overview 17 March 2022 - 19h00

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Chair Person: Dr Durrheim
Event Type: Regional Meetings
Available Space: 200
CPD Points: 2
Cost to non Member: R500

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Abnormally high levels of oestrogen or oestrogen dominance is now more prevalent

than ever. Whether it’s from endogenous production( as a result of ovarian dysfunction, obesity or environmental ingestion of xenoestrogens) it has increased the prevalence of fibroadenosis of the breast, fibroids, endometriosis, worsening of pre-menstrual syndrome, worsening of pre-menstrual acne, weight gain, impaired embryo implantation, premature miscarriage or infertility. In men it causes an increase in body percentage fat, gynaecomastia and decreased fertility.

Mankind has gone beyond the point of removing the environmental burden of

xenoestrogens. Fortunately activation of phase II detoxification pathways in the liver

helps clear oestrogen.

Oestrogen - A Brief Overview