April Regional Meeting: Research and Standardization 07 April 2022 - 19h00

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Chair Person: Dr Sirpal
Event Type: Regional Meetings
Available Space: 200
CPD Points: 2
Cost to non Member: R500

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We need to prove that Homeopathy has its efficacy, not by before and after results but by

placebo-controlled trials, it’s high time to make this system an evidence-based medicine and it’s possible. We need to do this because there are very few positive RCTs and other placebo-controlled clinical trials on Homeopathy which published good journals but still fewer sample size21,22 and we should respond to the negative studies (either no efficacy more than placebo or less sample size) published in reputed journals which actually describe Homeopathy to the scientific world which is not desirable. Not only RCTs we should have to focus on placebo-controlled Cohort Studies also where we can maintain the main beauty of Homeopathy the individualization; because after this, we can easily get funding and support from all sources for fundamental research

The thing is that research is also happening in both fundamental and clinical parts but now

it’s the time to come more people in this field because one physician is a clinician and a researcher at the same time and as the practitioners of this therapeutic system it’s our duty to bring the truth in front of World that more patients can get benefitted and through proper proof, we can make this happen.

Research and Standardization – the CNS (Crux, Need and Scope) in Homeopathy