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Membership Categories

Membership Categories

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the Constitution of the HSA, any person registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) as a Homeopathic Practitioner, Homeopathic Intern or as a Homeopathic Student will receive membership of the Association upon receipt of the application form and relevant payment of membership fees.

Membership Levels

Please select the appropriate membership category from the list below. Please note that according to the HSA Constitution, HSA membership levels run from January - December within any given calendar year with 90 days provided for updating until end March of the following year. Membership notices of cancellation are issued between January - March as reminders and formal cancellation only completed on 01 April.

Membership Categories & Fees

    • Full Member
      Any person registered as a Homeopathic Practitioner or Intern with the AHPCSA may become a Full Member of the Association.

    • Associate Member
      Associate Membership (par. 5.1.5 of the Constitution) - any practitioner/intern that is registered in terms of legislation or other recognised process in a Southern African country is eligible for HSA membership that confers all privileges of membership and rights of voting on matters that may affect their own region or privileges. (Full fee payable)

    • Life Member
      Members who have been Full Members of the Association for at least 25 (twenty five) years in aggregate, shall automatically become Life Members. The Association's National Board may, if justifiable, at its discretion grant Life Membership to a Member who does not meet this requirement. Life Members enjoy all the rights and privileges of Full Membership at no cost.

    • Honorary Member
      Honorary membership (par. 5.1.4 of the HSA Constitution) The National Board may elect prominent scientists and other persons residing within or outside the Republic, as Honorary Members if they have in the opinion of the Board made valuable contributions to the advancement of Homeopathic science or to the welfare and benefit of the Association.

    • Practitioner (Grade 2)
      Practitioner (Grade 2) – a practitioner in their second year* of registration as a homeopathic practitioner after completing the MTech programme (20% Discount). *Proof of date of registration required together with the application for membership

    • National Board Member
      National Board Member – any participating member of the HSA National Board is entitled to a 20% discount on membership fee, excluding students and academic staff.

    • Practitioner (Grade 1)
      Practitioner (Grade 1) – a practitioner in their first year* of registration as a homeopathic practitioner after completing the MTech programme (50% Discount)

    • Retired
      Retired - this is relevant only to complete retirement and does not provide for semi-retirement.

    • 70 and Older
      70 and older - qualifying age for 50% discount is 70 years.

    • Full-time Academic Staff
      Full-time Academic Staff - only relevant for registered practitioners who are full-time academic staff members of DUT, UJ or UWC

    • Intern
      Intern - registered interns with the AHPCSA

    • Full-time Student
      Full-time student - registered practitioners who are full-time students receive a 50% discount. Please be sure to provide proof of registration as a fulltime student together with membership application / renewal.

    • Student
      Any person registered as a Full-time Homeopathic Student or Student Intern with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa may become a Student Member of the Association. Student Members enjoy all the rights and privileges as stipulated in the Constitution and at a reduced membership fee.

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